Laboratory practicals

General information on the practicals:

The timetable for the practicals is set by the Secretariat for International Study Programs (max. 15 students). Students must be on time; otherwise it is prohibited to take part in the lab for technical reasons. Each lab lasts 3×45 minutes. (For technical reasons there can be no pauses or breaks during the lab, so that each lab lasts for 2 hours 15 min. altogether.)

The laboratory courses are held in the Students’ laboratory on the 1st floor of the Department.

The students are required to take with them:

  • the Laboratory Manual, which should be downloaded from the homepage of the Division (;
  • white coats, because some of the used reagents and chemicals may damage the clothing.

At the end of the lab the students have to tidy up after the work. The used pipettes and reagent tubes should be washed with tap water and put into the collector pot. Any accident occurred during the lab (e. g. breakage of any glass instruments) must be reported to the instructor immediately, in order to prevent any personal injuries.

Qualification system:

Lab work will be qualified by the followings:

  • Short written test at the beginning of the lab, regarding the theoretical and practical essence of the experiments and the appropriate theoretical subject-material. On certain practicals the appropriate chemical structures, in connection with the lab topic, will be also asked in the test. For the structure list, see the lab manual for each lab course on the webpage.
  • Short oral examination at the end of the lab, concerning the results of the lab work, which have to be registered also into the manual.

If a student proves to be unprepared in the course of the lab, the instructor may mandate him or her to repeat the lab another time. Every student will get points for their actual work at the end of the lab. These points can be between one and five (with one point it is not accepted, the lab has to be repeated with another group or at the additional course at the end of the semester). Results of successful labs (2-5 points) cannot be modified.

In the fall semester (Veterinary Biochemistry 1.) 5 labs are held, and the students have to collect at least 15 points (60%). In the spring semester (Veterinary Biochemistry 2.) 5 labs are held, and the students have to collect at least 15 points (60%).


Registration of taking part in other group:

To change the group for the whole semester, permission should be asked from Dr. Patrícia Hatala within one week after enrolling.

If there are acceptable reasons, the student might carry out his/her lab with another group. In this case the student should write an email to


until the working day before the wanted lab till 2.00 p.m. Permission may or may not be granted depending on the headcount of the group, and the number of students asks to join. Since the capacity of the practical room is rather limited, there is only a limited possibility of changing the group. Without any permission it is not possible to join a different group.

The student may miss only 2 labs in the semester, but these must be also made up with another group or at the additional course. (The student misses a lab if he/she does not accomplish the practical with his/her own group or with another group.) The terms of the additional courses will be found on the homepage of the Division and on the billboard at the entrance of the building. But we suggest for the students to take part on the regular labs because of the optimal time-table and loading! If the student misses the additional course, or he/she does not accomplish it successfully (get 1 or 0 point), means that his/her semester is not accomplished, the semester cannot be accepted, there is no additional possibility for retake the lab. If the student misses 3 or more labs in the semester, he/she is not allowed to take part on the additional course and the semester cannot be accepted.