Midterm test

General remarks about the midterm:

The date of the midterm and the topics included in the test is published on the homepage of the Division. The midterm is accepted if the student completes 60% (18 points) of the maximal scores (30 points). If the midterm is failed, there is a second possibility to retake it. The date of the midterm retake is published on the beginning of the semester. The curriculum and requirements of the midterm retake are the same as the first midterm. Tests are on display in a limited interval. The date and time of display are announced with results. No further possibility is given to see the tests. If the midterm retake is failed, there is an extra possibility to get the semester accepted: a written end-term examination has to be taken from each topic of the semester. The result of the examination is scored and can be accepted if min. 18 points (60%) has been reached. Please note that no more than 22 points can be earned on the end-term examination since this is a special opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the course. If the student misses the midterm, the midterm retake or the end-term examination by any reason, he/she has no more extra opportunity to retake.

In such a special case if a student has to be hospitalized for a long time due to a severe illness, an official medical certification should be delivered to the Department within 3 days following the date of the midterm. Thereafter, it will be decided by the Department if an extra retake possibility could be provided instead of the missed midterm. If the student passed the midterm, it is possible to try to improve it on the midterm retake, but in this case the semester will be evaluated based on the points of the retake. The result of successful midterm or midterm retake cannot be modified on end-term examination.

On the midterm (and midterm retake, or end-term examination) no tools can be used except a pen taken by the student. The test must be written with blue or black pen, if the test is written with any other color, or with pencil, it will not be evaluated. (In case the student draws the chemical structures with pencil first, they have to be rewritten with pen before submission.) For the request of the room supervisor the student has to be able identify himself/herself by student card or ID. In any case of violation of the rules of midterm, the test is taken away from the student and is evaluated as “not accepted”.