Molecular tumor biology

Molecular tumor biology

Academic year 2018/2019, spring semester

Type of course and credits given: elective „B”, 2 credits

Time: Thursday, 17:15-18:45

Venue: „Kemény Armand” lecture hall (Department of Physiology and Biochemistry)

Exam: written test

Topics and schedules of the lectures:

Date Topic Lecturer
21 February Introduction. Tumors in general; the most important tumor types. Dr. Vajdovich Péter
28 February Mechanisms of the oncogenesis: regulatory pathways; proto-oncogenes, tumor supressor genes. Viral factors of the oncogenesis. Dr. Mátis Gábor
7 March Genetic and epigenetic factors of the oncogenesis. Dr. Mátis Gábor
14 March Environmental factors of the oncogenesis. Cancer immunology. Dr. Neogrády Zsuzsanna
21 March Molecular mechanisms of tumor growth and spreading. Dr. Mátis Gábor
28 March Molecular basics of anti-tumor therapies I.: chemotherapy. Dr. Vajdovich Péter
4 April Molecular basics of anti-tumor therapies II.: radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapies, novel therapeutical approaches. Dr. Mátis Gábor
11 April Written exam

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